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The rules listed on this page take effect as soon as you start using our products. Any actions against these rules can and will be punished by our staff team. You always have the right to appeal a punishment by clicking the button below. By doing this our team will check your punishment again and reevaluate the actions that were taken. We can not guarantee you that your punishment will always be revoked after an appeal.

All rules take effect immediately after you start using our services. Even if you did not read this rules section you can still be punished.
We reserve the right to make changes to the rules at any time!

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Chat Rules


These Chat rules apply to every part of FrostTopia where you can Talk or Chat with other people, containing for example Discord, Minecraft and the Forum. Some rules can only be applied to certain platforms, due to other platforms not having these capabilities. These rules will be applied when possible on the platform.


§1 General
§1.1 There should always be a friendly and respectful cooperation
§1.2 It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and/or to share it with other users or to have this in the user name or profile picture
§1.3 Channel hopping (constantly jumping from one channel to another) is prohibited.
§1.4 No tickets may be opened that do not correspond to any use
§1.5 Players and team members may only be marked in an emergency

§2 Chat Rules
§2.1 Players and team members may not be insulted in any way
§2.2 Racist statements are prohibited
§2.2 Spamming of messages, images or anything else is prohibited
§2.3 Links, images, videos and the like may not be sent in channels that are not designed for them
§2.4 Entire messages or parts of messages that have not been officially declared with them may not be written in capital letters
§2.5 The unauthorized personal writing of players or team members is prohibited
§2.6 No chain letters, quotes and the like may be distributed in the channels

§3 Voice Chat
§3.1 The recording of conversations is only permitted on the entire server after consultation with the users of the corresponding channel who are present. If a user does not agree to the recording, the recording of the conversation is prohibited. Except recordings by an admin!
§3.2 The import of your own music or the transmission of other unwanted sounds is prohibited without prior agreement!

§4 Advertisements
§4.1 Advertising of any kind is prohibited, including (name, avatars, banners, about me and statutes)
§4.2 Advertising for projects belonging to it (Minecraft servers, Discod servers, websites etc) is prohibited!

§5 Permissions
§5.1 Permissions are not randomly assigned, but always serve a specific reason. Any abuse of permissions recieved additional to the default permissions can and will be punished.

§6 Data Protection and Privacy
§6.1 Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be exchanged publicly. Our team will never ask for sensitive data such as user passwords.

§7 Punishments
§7.1 A punishment always serves a purpose. No punishment is given without anything happening beforehand. Punishments can be appealed but we are not 

Last update: Jan.2023